PELE Presentations

"Keeping Your Child's IEP on Track," November 3, 2009

Parents, teachers, and advocates were invited to the College of William & Mary School of Law for this presentation by the PELE Clinic. Topics included:

  • How to design a good IEP
  • How to track your child's progress
  • What to do when your child's IEP starts to get off track
  • How to make mid-year changes to your child's IEP
  • How to keep your relationship with the school on track.

The slideshow used in the presentation is available as a PDF and as a Powerpoint file.   

"Maximizing the Sucess of Your Child's IEP," June 25, 2009

See the slide show prepared by the Summer 2009 Clinic students, or click on the links below to download the video presentation (note: may require a high speed internet connection).