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VCPC students visit the Virginia Office of the Attorney General during a field trip to Richmond on February 4, 2020 to speak with attorneys practicing in the environmental policy field. 

VCPC Director Speaks at W&M Alumni Event About Policies to Address Flooding

On May 26th, VCPC Director Elizabeth Andrews spoke at an event for William & Mary alumni, Environmental Resilience in Virginia. Dr. Molly Mitchell from VIMS spoke about sea level rise and flooding risks in Virginia, and Professor Andrews spoke about policy challenges to addressing those risks. A recording of the event can be found at

About VCPC

The Virginia Coastal Policy Center (VCPC) at William & Mary Law School provides science-based legal and policy analysis of ecological issues affecting the state's coastal resources, providing education and advice to a host of Virginia’s decision-makers, from government officials and legal scholars to non-profit and business leaders.

With two nationally prominent science partners – the William & Mary's Virginia Institute of Marine Science, one of the largest marine research and education centers in the United States, and Virginia Sea Grant, a nationally recognized broker of scientific information – VCPC works with scientists, local and state political figures, community leaders, the military, and others to integrate the latest science with legal and policy analysis to solve coastal resource management issues. VCPC activities are inherently interdisciplinary, drawing on scientific, economic, public policy, sociological, and other expertise from within the university and across the country. With access to internationally recognized scientists at VIMS, to Sea Grant’s national network of legal and science scholars, and to elected and appointed officials across the nation, VCPC engages in a host of information exchanges and collaborative partnerships.

VCPC grounds its pedagogical goals in the law school's philosophy of the citizen lawyer. VCPC students’ highly diverse interactions beyond the borders of the legal community provide the framework for their efforts in solving the complex coastal resource management issues that currently face Virginia and the nation. Whether it is working to understand the underlying realities of local zoning policies or attempting to identify and reconcile the concerns of multiple stakeholders, VCPC students experience the breadth of environmental lawyering while gaining skills that will serve them well regardless of the legal career they pursue upon graduation.

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The Virginia Coastal Policy Center stands with our students, colleagues, and brothers and sisters of color in condemning both overt and long-hidden racism in our country. We hope that this societal moment of horror and self-reflection results in real change in the treatment of Black communities in America. VCPC endeavors to provide objective, scientifically sound research to inform the development of policies affecting our coastal communities. Such policies cannot be fair, just and effective without the full input and involvement of our minority and low-income communities, many of which will be disproportionately affected by climate change impacts. At VCPC, we commit to listen and learn, to strive for environmental justice, and to continue our work to help our coastal communities progress together, leaving none behind.