VCPC Reports & Collaborative Documents

Sea Level Rise and Recurrent Flooding

These papers discuss current and future ideas for adapting to sea-level rise and recurrent flooding in Virginia, detailing legal frameworks and paths to a more resilient coastline, as well as the economic costs associated with a lack of planning:

State and Local Government: Authority and Potential Liability

These papers analyze the authority for and potential liability of state and local government to take action to address the impacts of sea level rise and recurrent flooding: 

Shoreline Management

These papers focus on the statutory and regulatory frameworks associated with shoreline management and riparian property rights:

Water Quality and Water Quantity

These papers discuss the impacts of sea level rise and recurrent flooding on water quality and quantity, and analyze the ability of current laws, regulations, and policies to protect water quality and water supply: 

Social Vulnerability and Environmental Justice

These papers discuss the concept of social vulnerability to recurrent flooding from extreme weather events and sea-level rise:

National Flood Insurance Program & Community Rating System

These papers discuss how localities can best work within the National Flood Insurance Program and the Community Rating System to lower flood insurance rates within their communities:

Collaborative Reports 

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