Center for Psychological Services and Development (CPSD):

The Center for Psychological Services and Development at Virginia Commonwealth University was developed in 1984 as a training facility for advanced doctoral candidates in the Department of Psychology, and as a site for the development of innovative training and supervision models by departmental faculty. The CPSD serves to link the university with its urban community by providing psychological services at moderate costs to adults, children and families residing in the greater Richmond community and training opportunities for local professionals.

The Center for Legal and Court Technology (

William & Mary Law School is the home of the Center for Legal and Court Technology (CLCT) and the Courtroom 21 Project. Begun as the Courtroom 21 Project in 1993, CLCT is a joint project of William & Mary Law School and the National Center for State Courts. CLCT's primary external mission is "To improve the world's legal systems through the appropriate use of technology." To accomplish this, CLCT conducts frequent legal technology demonstrations and discussions each week, hosting jurists, lawyers and law faculty, court administrators, technologists, architects and others from throughout the world. CLCT is the world center for empirical and legal research on courtroom technology and is heavily involved in judicial and lawyer education and training. CLCT also provides technology augmented courtroom design consulting services. CLCT is supporting the VBC by integrating technology that will assist clients with disabilities to interact more fully with their attorneys and their student clinicians.

medsource (

MedSource is an international manufacturer of functional abilities testing systems used to assess disability/impairment, workers compensation, injury determination and rehabilitation progress. MedSource Human Performance Testing Centers provide testing for; individual assessment of strength, range of motion, occupational tasks, cardiovascular and cognitive flexibility. The test batteries include full job demands cross matching as well as vocational placement criteria and if required impairment ratings. The computerized evaluation systems, protocols and tests that are used to assess abilities, abide by all standard industry peer-reviewed published research and are installed in facilities located throughout nine countries.


New Horizons Family Counseling Center (New Horizons)

A University-based, student operated, family counseling teaching clinic serving the families of students referred by the public schools and providing clinical instruction in marriage family counseling for both masters and doctoral-level graduate students.

Caroline Bunner

Caroline Bunner is a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant based in Richmond, VA who also works nationally with Caroline Bunner Consulting, Inc.

Ms. Bunner attended West Virginia University and participated in the ROTC program as well as being a member of an Army reserve unit. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and was commission as  a Second Lieutenant into the Army Nurse Corps.

Prior to attending the Medical Officers' Basic Course, Caroline was a Gold Bar Nurse Recruiter at West Virginia University.

Ms. Bunner practiced over ten years in critical care as a staff nurse and charge nurse with her primary expertise being post-operative and coronary artery bypass graft patients.

After leaving the hospital setting Caroline worked as a Nurse Analyst for an injury causation company in Texas for over four and a half years.

In her current role as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Ms. Bunner reviews and interprets medical records for lawyers and insurance adjustors to assist with case development as well as rendering opinions regarding the validity of medical cases.