Salih Keliwal

Country: U.S. and Afghanistan

Mr. Salih Keliwal is a U.S. permanent resident whose country of origin is Afghanistan.  Despite growing up surrounded by the dangers of war, Keliwal earned his Bachelor of Law degree and began pursuing his Master’s of Law prior to starting the LL.M. degree program at William and Mary Law School.  He speaks five languages, which has assisted him in his unique professional roles.  After earning his license to practice law, Keliwal worked for the U.S. Army as a Legal and Cultural Advisor.  He joined the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) as a Human Rights Advisor.  Five years later, he was promoted to Child Protection Officer.  Keliwal selected William and Mary’s LL.M. Program because “I want to pursue my Business Law degree to contribute to the protection of those most vulnerable to human rights abuses and those impacted by human rights violations.  I am deeply committed to this purpose.  There is an existing gap in this field, and I wish to contribute to the betterment of government structure.”