Recording a class or event

The Law School’s technology staff will audio- or video-record classes at a faculty member’s request with reasonable advanced notice (48 hours). The staff will do its best to accommodate requests with a shorter lead time. Note that audio-only recording requires less set-up and often provides a higher-quality record of class discussion than video-recording. 

Recording of classes is generally prohibited. Students may request video recording for non-regularly scheduled make-up or exam review classes with written permission from the faculty member. Every effort will be made to fill these requests. Students who are requesting recording of classes under the Americans with Disabilities Act must contact the Office of Accessibility Services. (link to their page)

The Law School’s technology staff also is here to help with recording events such as guest lectures, conference speakers, presentations, ceremonies, etc.  Advanced notice (48 hours) is required.  Recording visitors or guests requires their permission in advance.  No recording will be made without the signed release form.

Basic presentation technology is in place in all classrooms.  For anything beyond the basics, call the Law School Technology Call Center in advance (48 hours) to ensure that what you need will be ready when you need it.  The staff will try to accommodate more urgent requests if possible. Rooms 127, 236A, the Faculty Room, and the McGlothlin Courtroom and chambers have video cameras that can be used for two-way video conferencing. Video conferencing can be used to bring in a guest speaker for a class session, to conduct remote interviews, or for faculty to confer with distant colleagues on collaborative projects.  As with all AV requests, advance notice is essential for video conferencing and audio recording set up.

In accordance with the above, all students should be aware that any class, and discussions held therein, may be subject to recording.

All A/V requests are to be sent to Whit Weidner or  When making the request, please supply the following information: 

•Date and time of requested service

•Location(s) for requested service

•Type of service and equipment requested

•Your name and e-mail or telephone number for contact