About MyLaw

William & Mary Law School has a system for communicating law school news, announcements, events, etc. to law students. The system is called "MyLaw."   MyLaw also offers a "course management" function, where professors can post documents like syllabi for their students. It lets law school departments, like our Office of Career Services, post materials relevant for students seeking jobs.

The key reason we acquired MyLaw is that it allows faculty and staff to target particular student groups to receive announcements in a more fine-grained way than has been possible just using our previous method: email. It also gives a good deal of control to students to filter in or out announcements and messages that they have a particular interest in receiving (or not receiving). The goal is to reduce the number of messages that go out to students from what we've been doing in the past, and hence to ensure that those messages that do go out in the future are timely, important, and not overwhelming in quantity.