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Law school is expensive. We can help.

Law School Scholarships. The Law School offers more than 50 merit and need-based scholarships. Everyone who applies to the Law School is considered for merit-based scholarships. Scholarships awarded by the Law School to admitted applicants are awarded for three consecutive years of study at the Law School. There is no grade requirement associated with renewal - only the 2.0 grade point average required to continue in good standing at the Law School. If you want to be considered for a need-based scholarship, you must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (William & Mary's title IV code is 003705).


Students Matriculating In

# Entering

with Conditional Scholarships

# Whose Conditional Scholarships

Have Since Been Reduced or Eliminated

Academic Year 2013 0 0
Academic Year 2012 0 0
Academic Year 2011 0 0


Law School Fellowships. Graduate Fellowships awarded by the Law School to admitted applicants have an eight to ten hour per week work requirement. In addition to Graduate Fellowships, we offer fellowships associated with the Institute of Bill of Rights Law, the Election Law Program, the Center for Legal and Court Technology, the Special Education Advocacy Clinic, the Veterans Benefits Clinic, and The Wolf Law Library. Public Service Admission Ambassadors will also have a work requirement related to their financial aid awards. Applicants may designate interest in these fellowships by submitting an optional essay on their application. Additionally, students who enroll in the JD/MPP joint degree program may be eligible to receive a Bolin Fellowship.

All Fellows must maintain a "B" average for retention of fellowships for their second and third years. This condition for retention was met by 97.2% of 2012 recipients and 97.6% of 2011 recipients. The ABA Council-approved form required for reporting conditional financial aid for the 2012 and 2011 entering classes follows:


Students Matriculating In

# Entering

with Conditional Fellowships

# Whose Conditional Fellowships

Have Since Been Reduced or Eliminated

Academic Year 2013 99 1 (1.0%)
Academic Year 2012 36 1 (2.8%)
Academic Year 2011 41 1 (2.4%)


There are a number of educational loans available to law students.

Other Scholarship Sources. A number of charitable and civic groups support graduate education through various programs. We suggest that your visit your college's pre-law office or local library to look into alternative funding options.

Military and Veterans. The Commonwealth of Virginia has a number of incentives and resources for active duty military, military veterans, and members of military veterans. The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) provides information for eligible applicants.

LSAC Presentation on Paying for Law School. This video provides information on investing in a law school education, funding that education, applying for financial aid, and minimizing debt. For more general information about financing a legal education, visit lsac.org.

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