Below is a listing of William & Mary's endowed scholarships.

Ramon L. and Shirley M. Alces Memorial Scholarship: Established by Professor Peter A. Alces in memory of his parents, Ramon and Shirley Alces.

Alvin P. Anderson Scholarship: Established in memory of Alvin Anderson by family, friends, and colleagues.

C. Harper Anderson Scholarship: Established to honor C. Harper Anderson by members of his law firm.

Sally James Andrews & William C. Andrews, III Fellowship: Established by Sally James Andrews, ’73 and the Honorable William Chapman Andrews III, ’73.

Dr. Thomas C. Atkeson Memorial Scholarship: Established by alumni, friends and family members.

J. Heywood Bell Memorial Scholarship: Established by Jane West Bell in honor of her husband, J. Heywood Bell '27.

Senator Leroy S. Bendheim Scholarship: Established through the estate of Senator Leroy S. Bendheim.

Robert F. Boyd and James M. Boyd Fellowship: Established by Robert F. Boyd '52 and James M. Boyd '87.

Francis P. Brawley Scholarship: Established by J. Thompson Cravens '87 in honor of Francis Brawley.

Douglas E. and Escha Brown Scholarship: Established by Douglas E. Brown '74 and his wife, Escha J. Brown.

Burandt Family Law Scholarship: Established in memory of their grandparents and their mother, Janet Burandt Goebel, by Brian Goebel '96 and his family. 

Gordon E. Campbell Scholarship: Established in memory of Gordon E. Campbell '29 by his wife.

Guadalupe Campos Scholarship: Esablished in honor of Guadalupe Campos by Alvaro Garcia-Tunon '79.

J. D. Carneal, Jr.  Scholarship: Established in memory of J.D. Carneal, Jr. by his wife Margaret.

Ann C. and R. Harvey Chappell Fellows Program: Established by Ann C. Chappell '48 and R. Harvey Chappell '50.

Dr. George and Doris Chohany Scholarship: Awarded to a deserving student or students enrolled at the Marshall-Wythe School of Law.

T. C. Clarke Law Fellowship: Established by T.C. Clarke '22 and his wife Elizabeth.

Class of 1973 Law Scholarship: Established by the Class of 1973.

Class of 1983 William B. Spong, Jr. Scholarship in Law: Endowed by the Class of 1983 in memory of William B. Spong, Jr., in gratitude for his dedication and exceptional service as Dean of the Law School, 1976-85.

Russell M. Cox, Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Established in honor of Russell M. Cox, a student killed in action at Guadalcanal in 1942, by his father and brother.

Kenneth G. Cumming Scholarship: Given by Robert J. and Benjamin J. Fiscella in honor of their attorney, friend and member of the Class of 1939.

Denning, Hart and Thomas Law Review Scholarship: Established by Jacqueline R. Denning '76, M. Scott Hart '76 and James J. Thomas II '76 to benefit the William and Mary Law Review Editor-in-Chief.

Derrick Family Foundation Scholarship: Established by Betsy C. Anderson and the Derrick Family Foundation.

James S. and Elizabeth B. Devitt Memorial Scholarship: Established by Fred B. Devitt, Jr. '60 and Elizabeth Pierce Devitt '60, in honor of his brother, James S. Devitt '57 and sister-in-law, Elizabeth B. Devitt '56.

A. Robert and Mary Stanton Doll Scholarship: Established in honor of the 300th Anniversary of the College of William & Mary by Mr. and Mrs. Doll, alumni of the College.

John E. Donaldson Law Scholarship: Established by the colleagues, students and friends of Professor John E. Donaldson '63 in honor of his retirement.

John M. and Marjorie L. Douglas Scholarship: Established by Dean Davison M. Douglas in memory of his parents.

DuPont Scholarship Fund: Established by the Trustees of the Jessie Ball DuPont Religious, Charitable and Educational Fund.

Katherine Wetterer Eason Law Scholarship: Established by a gift from the Mary V. Reilly Foundation.

Matthew Gault Emery Law Scholarship: Established by Theodore Sullivan Cox.

Emeric Fischer Scholarship: Established by alumni, faculty, friends and family members to honor Professor Emeritus Emeric Fischer upon his retirement.

Ed and Pearcy Flippen Scholarship: Established by Edward L. Flippen '74 and Pearcy L. Flippen.

William A. R. Goodwin Memorial Fund Scholarship: Established by a friend, Lettie Pate Evans, to honor the former professor.

Frances Mary Hale Scholarship: Established by Earle T. Hale '70 in honor of his mother.

Lewis Arlington Hale Scholarship: Established by Earle T. Hale '70 in memory of his father.

Terry E. & Patti L. Hall Citizen Lawyer Scholarship: Established by Terry E. Hall '86 and Patti L. Hall.

Arthur Briggs Hanson Scholarship: Established through a will provision of Arthur B. Hanson '40.

Oliver Hill Scholarship: Established in honor of Oliver Hill, Esquire, noted civil rights advocate.

Mary Siegrist Hinz Leadership Fellows: Established in memory of Mary Siegrist Hinz '85 by her family, friends and classmates.

Gary Joel Hirsch Scholarship: Established in memory of Gary Joel Hirsch by family and friends.

R. M. Hughes, Sr. Scholarship: Established through a will provision of R.M. Hughes, Sr., Class of 1873.

Hunton & Williams Scholarship: Established by alumni in the firm of Hunton & Williams.

Lawrence W. I'Anson Scholarships: Established in honor of the late Chief Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court by the Beazley Foundation.

Thomas H. Jolls Scholarship Fund: Established by friends and family in memory of Professor Thomas H. Jolls.

Herbert V. Kelly, Sr. Fellowship: Established in honor of their partner and former Rector of the College, Herbert V. Kelly '43, by the firm of Jones, Blechman, Woltz & Kelly.

William Herbert Kelly Endowment: Established by his son, Herbert V. Kelly, Sr. '43, in memory of his father, the former Williamsburg Chief of Police.

Kostel Family Law Scholarship: Established by the Kostel family - some of whom are graduates of William & Mary and/or the Law School.

D. M. and Caroline Kruchko Scholarship: Established by John G. Kruchko '75, in honor of his parents.

Wayne M. Lee Scholarship: Established by Wayne M. Lee '75.

Carter O. Lowance Scholarship: Provided for by his will.

Anne Wythe Mallory Scholarship: Established in recognition of the Mallory and Marshall families, by Charles King Mallory, III, and Florence Marshall Mallory.

James W. and Frances G. McGlothlin Law Scholarship: Established by James W. McGlothlin B.A. ’62, JD ’64 and his wife Frances G. McGlothlin ’66 for students that have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership skills.

Stanley H. Mervis Scholarship: Established by Zella Loew Mervis in memory of her husband.

Virginia Mister Scholarship: Established by a group of alumnae.

Gregory J. Mitchell Scholarship: Established by Leila Noel ’83 in memory of her friend and classmate, Gregory J. Mitchel ’83.

Carol Kelley Nickel Scholarship:  Established in her memory by family and friends.

Davis Y. and Agnes W. Paschall Scholarship: Established in honor of Davis Y. Paschall, President Emeritus of the College, and his wife, by alumni, friends and family.

Walter I. and Eva Grace Peak Foundation: Established by Claire Favereau Peak and Lawrence I. Peak to honor his parents.

Charles L. Phillips Memorial Scholarship: Established through the will of Jesse C. Phillips B.A. '24 to honor the memory of his brother, Charles L. Phillips.

Daniel D. Portanova Scholarship: Established by Daniel D. Portanova '66 in honor of his achievements.

Bolling R. Powell, Jr. Scholarship Fund: Established by James S. Powell '85 and Bolling R. Powell III in memory of their father, a member of the faculty from 1970-80.

Lewis B. Puller Fellowship Endowment: Established by classmates, friends and family in memory of the late Lewis B. Puller '74.

W. Taylor Reveley III Scholarship: Established by alumni, friends and colleagues of President Reveley III.

Carmela and Charles S. Rotolo Scholarship: Established by Catherine S. Rotolo '08 in memory of her parents.

1779 Scholars Class of 1966 Law Scholarship: Established by members of the Class of 1966 in celebration of their 50th Reunion.

Paul and Joel Shapiro Family Scholarship: Established by family and friends in memory of Paul Shapiro '63 and Joel Shapiro '67.

Peter Shebell, Jr. Scholarship: Established by his wife, Francine Shebell in memory of Peter Shebell, Jr., '54.

DeRonda M. Short & Stephanie H. Burton Scholarship: Established by DeRonda M. Short, '78.

Eleanor O. and J. William Siegfried, Jr. Educational Fund: Established by Eleanor O. Siegfried in honor of her husband, J. William Siegfried, Jr. '31.

Nicholas J. St. George Scholarship: Established by Nicholas J. St. George '65.

William F. Swindler Scholarship Fund: Established by friends of William F. Swindler, Professor Emeritus.

Charles and Susie Trible Scholarship: Established by Charles K. Trible '76 and his wife, Susie Trible.

Richard E. Walck Scholarship Fund: Established by his wife and friends of the late professor of law, known as "the Colonel" upon his retirement in 1984.

Waller Mill Ranch Fellowship: Established by five members of the Class of 1977, Stephen C. Conte, Peter J. Goergen, Edward W. Lautenschlager, Michael E. Mares and Darrell L. Sayer.

Thalia V. Warnement Scholarship: Established by the friends and family of Thalia Warnement and her colleagues at the firm of Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP.

Rosine M. and H. Paul Weber Endowment: Established in their memory by their daughter, Robin Weber and their son, John Weber, a former William & Mary law student.

Hillsman V. and Lynwood H. Wilson Law Fellowship Endowment: Established in honor of Hillsman V. Wilson '51, founder/trustee of the Law School Foundation and his late brother Lynwood '31. 

Richard Waters Withington, Jr. Scholarship:  Provided for by his will.

Wolf Law Scholarship – 1779 Scholars: Established by Henry C. Wolf '66 and his wife, Dixie D. Wolf.

Dean Dudley Woodbridge Scholarship: Established by the Class of 1967.