Student Admission Ambassadors

Get the inside scoop on William & Mary Law

Who are the SAAs (Student Admission Ambassadors)? They are W&M Law students who volunteer their time to serve as liaisons between the admissions office and prospective students. These students hold a wealth of knowledge about the Law School that is vital to learning whether this is the right place for you. Don't miss out on connecting with them! You are welcome to email your questions directly to any SAA listed below.  

Celeste Bain

Bain , Celeste
Class of 2024
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Undergrad: B.A., Virginia Tech (Political Science)
Email: [[w|chbain, Email Celeste Bain]]

Hannah Barrios

Barrios, Hannah
Class of 2025
Hometown: Pollock, Louisiana
Undergrad: B.A., Louisiana State University (English & Political Science)
Email: [[w|hebarrios]]

Marie Bordelon

Bordelon (she/her/hers), Marie
Class of 2024
Hometown: Lafayette, Louisiana
Undergrad: B.A., Louisiana State University (Mass Communications, Minor, Business Administration)
Email: [[w|mcbordelon]]

Madelyn Candela

Candela, Madelyn
Class of 2025
Hometown: Maynard, Massachusetts
Undergrad: B.A., University of Rochester (Political Science)
Email: [[w|mrcandela]]

Brenda Cook

Cook (she/her/hers), Brenda
Class of 2023
Hometown: Farmville, Virginia
Undergrad: B.S., James Madison University (Justice Studies & Sociology)
Email: [[w|bgoodson]]

Michaela Cotton

Cotton, Michaela
Class of 2025
Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Undergrad: B.A., University of Virginia (Psychology)
Email: [[w|mlcotton]]

Robby Drake

Drake, Robby
Class of 2024
Hometown: Cranford, NJ
Undergrad: B.A., Arizona State University, summa cum laude (Business, law concentration; minor, Political Science)
Email: [[w|rdrake]]

Rebecca Fox

Fox, Rebecca
Class of 2024
Hometown: Oregon City, Oregon
Undergrad: B.A., Portland State University (Political Science and History; Minors: Law and English)
Email: [[w|rjfox]]

Sara Heimberger

Heimberger, Sara
Class of 2024
Hometown: Redmond, Washington
Undergrad: B.A., University of Washington (Law, Societies, and Justice; Minor, Political Science)
Email: [[w|scheimberger]]

Mary Catherine High

High, Mary Catherine
Class of 2025
Hometown: Frisco, Texas
Undergrad: B.S., Loyola University Chicago (Criminal Justice and Criminology)
Email: [[w|mchigh01]]

John Howell

Howell, John
Class of 2025
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Undergrad: B.A., Rhodes College (Philosophy and Political Economy)
Email: [[w|jwhowell]]

Sarah Knott

Knott (she/her), Sarah
Class of 2024
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Undergrad: B.A., The Ohio State University (English)
Email: [[w|scknott]]

Michelle Lazaran

Lazaran (she/her/hers), Michelle
Class of 2024
Hometown: Corona Del Mar, California
Undergrad: B.A., Wake Forest University (English and Sociology)
Email: [[w|malazaran]]

Chloe Mieras

Mieras (she/her), Chloe
Class of 2024
Hometown: Lorain, OH
Undergrad: Case Western Reserve University (Political Science and Religious Studies)
Email: [[w|cmieras]]

Lauren Miller

Miller (she/her/hers), Lauren
Class of 2025
Hometown: Pipersville, Pennsylvania
Undergrad: B.A., William & Mary (History and Race, Rhetoric & Justice)
Email: [[w|lnmiller03]]

Richie Mullaney

Mullaney, Richie
Class of 2025
Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Education: Georgetown University (B.A., Government & American Studies, M.A., Urban & Regional Planning)
Email: [[w|rmullaney]]

Tom Naatz

Naatz (he/him), Tom
Class of 2025
Hometown: Rockville, Maryland
Undergrad: B.A. University of Notre Dame (Political Science and Spanish)
Email: [[w|twnaatz]]

Caroline Osborne

Osborne, Caroline
Class of 2025
Hometown: Colts Neck, New Jersey
Undergrad: B.A., Rutgers University (Political Science and Cognitive Science)
Email: [[w|chosborne]]

Angelica Radomski

Radomski (she/her), Angelica
Class of 2025
Hometown: Massapequa, New York
Undergrad: B.A., Marist College (Political Science)
Email: [[w|aradomski]]

Bette Rubin

Rubin (she/her/hers), Bette
Class of 2024
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Degrees: B.A., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Classical Civilizations; Minor, Theater); Master of Environmental Management, Duke University
Email: [[w|bgrubin]]

Niharah Shillingford

Shillingford, Niharah
Class of 2025
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Undergrad: B.S., University of California, Santa Cruz (Biology)
Email : [[w|ncshillingford]]

Madalyn Sullivan

Sullivan, Madalyn
Class of 2025
Hometown: Vienna, Virginia
Undergrad: B.A., Villanova University (Sociology and Peace & Justice, Minor, French & Francophone Studies)
Email: [[w|mrsullivan02]]

Amelia Tadanier

Tadanier (she/her/hers), Amelia
Class of 2024
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Undergrad: B.A., University of Denver (Economics and Sociolegal Studies)
Email: [[w|amtadanier]]

Helen Tariku

Tariku (she/her), Helen
Class of 2024
Hometown: Arlington, Virginia
Undergrad: B.A., William & Mary (Government & Sociology, with a concentration in Crime, Law and Society)
Email: [[w|htariku]]

Alison Walsh

Walsh (she/her), Alison
Class of 2025
Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey
Undergrad: B.A., William & Mary (Environmental Science)
Email: [[w|acwalsh]]

Catherine Wertz

Wertz, Catherine
Class of 2024
Hometown: Lynchburg, Virginia
Undergrad: B.A., Virginia Tech (Art History)
Email: [[w|crwertz]]