Tour the Law School & Sit In on a Class

We'd love to have you visit! While you are with us, we hope you'll take a tour and also set aside some time to sit in on a class (or two!)

Please let us know that you're planning to visit (and the date of your visit) by completing this form

About taking a tour

Tours led by our Student Admission Ambassadors are available Monday through Friday at 1:00. Please plan to arrive at the Law School by 12:45. Tour groups will gather in our lobby adjacent to the Office of Admissions. Tours take approximately one hour.

Please note pay-by-phone visitor parking is available around the traffic circle near our main entrance.

Please note that tours and class visits are not available during fall break (October 17 and 18) or during the week of Thanksgiving (November 21—25). Our final 2022 tour will be on December 2, the last day of fall classes.

Our 2023 tours begin on the first day of spring semester classes on January 17. Please note we do not offer tours or class visits during Spring Break (March 11-19).

Sit in on a class

We hope you'll sit in on one or more of our fall classes listed below during your visit (and you can indicate your interest in sitting in on a class when you complete the form above). We'll post information about spring classes in November.


8:30—9:45 | Criminal Law (Professor Combs) (Room 127) (no class on 9/19)
10—11:15 | Torts (Professor Kades)(Room 124)
10-11:15 | Criminal Procedure (Professor Gershowitz)(Room 127) (no class 9/12)
11:30—12:45 | Criminal Procedure (Professor Bellin) (Room 127)
2—3:15 | Torts (Professor Rajec) (Room 119)(no class 9/26, 11/14)


8:30—9:45 | Civil Procedure (Professor Bruhl) (Room 119) (no class 9/27)
11:30—12:45 | 1st Amendment Law (Professor Zick)  (Room 124)
2—3:15 | Torts (Professor Stern) (Room 124)
2—3:15 | Election Law (Professor Green)  (Room 133)(no class 11/8)

10—11:15 | Criminal Procedure II (Professor Gershowitz) (Room 127)
2—3:15 | Administrative Law (Professor Larsen)  (Room 127)
3:30-4:45 | Criminal Law (Professor Chavis) (Room 127) (limited seating, only 4 visitor seats available)

8:30—9:45 | Criminal Law (Professor Combs) (Law Room 127) (no class 9/15, 9/22)
10—11:15 | Torts (Professor Kades)(Room 124)
11:30—12:45 | International Human Rights (Professor Combs) (Room 127)(no class 9/22)
11:30-12:45 | Civil Procedure (Professor Criddle)(Room 120)
2—3:15 | Torts (Professor Rajek) (Room 119) (no class 10/20)
2—3:15 | Election Law (Professor Green)  (Room 133)
3:30—4:45 | Trusts & Estates (Professor McSweeney) (Room 124) (no class 11/10)

10—11:15 | Civil Procedure (Professor Hamilton) (Room 127)(limited seating, only 1 visitor seat available)
11:30—12:45 | Civil Procedure (Professor Criddle)  (Room 120) (no class 9/9, 10/7, 11/11)