Apply Early Decision

When William & Mary Law is Your First Choice

William & Mary Law School’s Early Decision Program is a binding decision program designed for applicants who are confident that William & Mary is their first choice and who are committed to enroll at William & Mary Law School if admitted under this admission program. Those admitted under the Early Decision Program will receive a full-tuition scholarship. Applications will begin to be accepted September 1, and the deadline to apply for the Early Decision Program is January 15, and all components of the application must be received by this date. All Early Decision Program applicant decisions will be made by February 1, if not earlier.

Applicants who apply through the Early Decision Program agree to abide by the following:
  • An early decision applicant must enroll at William & Mary Law School if accepted under this program.
  • An early decision applicant may apply for admission to other law schools, but once admitted to William & Mary through this program, the applicant must withdraw all other law school applications and may not initiate applications to any other law schools.
  • An early decision applicant may not apply for another binding early decision program at another law school.
  • If admitted under the Early Decision Program, the candidate must submit a nonrefundable deposit of $500 within two weeks of the decision date on the acceptance letter.

Early Decision applicants not selected for admission under the Early Decision program will automatically be considered for admission in the regular non-binding admission process. Applicants will be admitted or moved to the Regular Decision application group and may receive non-binding admission, placement on the wait list, or be denied. All Early Decision Program applicant decisions will be made by February 1, if not earlier.

Early Decision Checklist

The admission and application requirements for the First-Year Early Decision JD application are the same as the Regular Decision JD Application with the addition of the Early Decision Program Contract.

  • Law School Application with Electronic Certification
  • Personal Statement, Resume, and Addenda 
  • CAS Report and LSAT Scores (the November 2019 LSAT is the last test date accepted for the Early Decision application)
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Virginia Application for In-State Tuition Privileges (If Applicable)
  • Early Decision Program Contract, submitted through the LSAC Electronic Application

Note: Scholarships cannot exceed total cost of attendance. If you receive military funding or external scholarships in excess of yearly total cost of attendance, your scholarship will be reduced accordingly.