Co-Counsel Program

The goal of the Co-Counsel program is to further the professional growth and development of law students through interaction with established or retired attorneys and professionals.  Senior counsel facilitate the law student's exposure to the legal profession, and address such issues as leadership skills, career management, networking opportunities and exposure to the actual practice of law.

Guidelines Timeline

The Co-Counsel program pairs law school students (Junior Counsel) with qualified and experienced alumni (Senior Counsel).  Senior Counsel share experiences and wisdom gained during their professional journey while volunteering their time to mentor, advise, and guide law students while they adjust to law school and prepare for life after law school.

Matches will occur in the spring of a student's 1L year.  The requirement is for a one-year commitment (spring 1L - spring 2L) but we welcome matches to remain through graduation if both parties wish to do so.  Many build lifelong friendships and relationships.


Sr. Co-Counsel will start soon!  

If you are interested in participating or have questions as a Senior Co-Counsel, please contact Liz Foster at for more information. Thank you!

Jr. Counsel Form

Jr. Co-Counsel form will be available in November 2020.

The Jr. Co-Counsel form will be available in November 1L's!  Check My Law for updates.  Matching for Co-Counsel will begin the in January.    

If you are interested or need more information about the program contact Liz Foster, Director of Alumni Affairs, at



Junior Counsel Testimonials

"I enjoyed hearing from a practicing attorney to remind me that law school is just the beginning and to look forward to a legal career."

"I enjoyed my co-counsel!  He was very nice & reached out to me over the spring semester to see how it was going.  When I was in D.C. he made time to meet up with me as well."

"It was great having an alum to rely on when I needed it.  It took away the awkwardness of finding someone on my own and trying to see if we had similar interests.  My Co-Counsel also gave me very helpful advice on how to use my time here efficiently."

"Having someone understand where I am coming from and being willing to listen and offer advice is invaluable."

Senior Counsel Testimonials

"I was able to help my junior counsel learn what environmental organizations/groups are in the area.  I also helped my junior counsel by giving her advice during her summer internship search and helped introduce her to the environmental group she will be ex-turning with next year.  I think the most impact aspect of the program is providing students with someone who can help guide them when they feel overwhelmed with options/decisions and want to hear from someone who went through the process recently."

"The most impactful thing about the program was speaking with a current William & Mary student and helping her navigate through the first year of law school.  It was also great to share some career advice and learn the future goals of my junior counsel."

"Interacting with the students is very fulfilling.  I'm delighted they're interested in getting advice from me.  It's a lot of fun working with them."