1997 Look Who's Coming

Jeff Almeida*      Calvin Anderson      Anne Graham Bibeau*
Thomas Church*      Edward Glennon*      Kenneth Greenspan*
Deborah Bentley Herzog*      David Johansen*      Yvonne Jones*
Ellen Dassance Kennedy*      John Kennedy*      David King*
Susan McCue*      David Mincer*      Cynthia Cutler Moon*
Timothy Morrison*      Jonathon Reavill*      Shaun Rose*
Richard Roston*      Kathleen Roth      Ramona Sein*
Edward Smallwood*      Alexander Stiles*      Laura Sullivan*
Ky Tran-Trong*      John Valdivielso*      Craig Welter*
Leah Kahl Willmore*      Brian Woolfolk*      William Young*

*Registered as of 4/6/17

(New registrations arrive daily.  Check back often to see the attendance list grow as the celebration approaches.)

Registrations received after March 24, 2017 will incur a $20 per registration late fee.  Refunds cannot be issued for cancellations received after March 24, 2016.  For more information and to register on-line, click here