2012 Look Who's Coming

Michael Bagel*      Kristina Beer      Laura Carini*
Brendan Clegg*      Lauren Manns Clegg*      Claire de Jong*
Erin Deal*      James Dougherty*      Miriam Epstein*
James Evans*      Melissa Charnes Gibson      Neil Gibson*
Jessica Glajch*      John Holden*      Janet Lee*
Lillian Macartney*      Margaret Holt McEvoy*      Thomas Moyer*
Nicholas Mueller*      Juantia Murkey      Jonathan Peterson* 
Frances Polifione*      Thomas Ports*      Jeffrey Poulard*
Gregory Proseus*      Jacqueline Rogers      Lauren Santabar*
J. Brandon Sieg*      Julie Silverbrook*      Jay Sinha*
 Samantha Soller*      Jessica Strock*      Wenjie Sun
Garrett Trego*      Mark Villapando*      Davis Walsh*
Ashley Ward      Michael Warwick*      Kristen Brown Welsh*
Zachary Withers*      Shengyang Wu     

*Registered as of 4/6/17

(New registrations arriving daily.  Check back often to see the attendance list grow as the celebration approaches.)

Registrations received after March 24, 2017 will incur a $20 per registration late fee.  Refunds cannot be issued for cancellations received after March 24, 2017.  For more inforamtion and to register on-line, click here.