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Virtual Resources & Opportunities

In this challenging time, William & Mary Law School is working hard to support our entire community.  This page is dedicated to sharing resources and ways you as alumni can be involved.  If you have ideas for programs and resources that will help support our alumni and students during this crisis and beyond, please let us know by completing this form or reaching out directly to our Director of Alumni Affairs, [[eafoster,Liz Foster]]. 

In difficult periods like these, we are reminded of the resilience, strength and compassion of our W&M Law School community.  With your help, we can be sure to meet the most pressing needs of our students and alumni.

Want to help?  Below are a few opportunities to get involved and help our community:


You can make an impact by helping William & Mary Law students gain the legal experience they need to become citizen lawyers like you:
  • Consider hiring W&M 1Ls and 2Ls for full or part-time summer internship, a research and writing assignment, or a special project, like updating state laws on a specific topic.  Our students are tech savvy and can work remotely too.  Post a student job.
  • Help 3Ls gain entry-level post-graduate experience to keep their skills sharp while they search for a full-time job and study for the Bar Exam.  These positions can be temporary, part-time, or remote.  Recent graduates can work as law clerks and help with pro bono matters too.  Post a recent graduate position or request resumes by contacting [[rjsein,Ramona Sein]] '97, Assistant Dean for Employer Relations.
  • Offer to meet with students over the phone to provide advice and help them connect with others in your field or in your network who may be hiring.  
  •  Offer your time and talent to supporting our alumni and students.  Fill out this form with ideas and suggestions on how we can support our Law School Community during this time.
  • Network with classmates through one of our online event offerings.  Visit our events page to learn more.

You may not have position or project to offer but you can help by making a gift to the  Law School Annual Fund.  This is the Law School's largest source of unrestricted funds to meet these current needs..