Frequently Asked Questions

What impact does alumni and graduate giving/gift participation have on how our law school is perceived in the legal community?

Without private support, the Law School would struggle to maintain its national ranking.  Additionally, the level of alumni participation is important.  High alumni participation on an annual basis is a strong message to prospective students, faculty, and peer institutions, that William & Mary Law School’s graduates are loyal and their law school’s continued success is a priority. Support for the Law School is an investment in the future of legal education and in the value of your degree from Marshall-Wythe.  Every gift makes a difference!

The Law School is state-supported.  Why should I give?

The Law School receives approximately 8% of its budget from the Commonwealth of Virginia.  While this support is important, it does not bridge the gap between the cost of a top legal education and current tuition.  To attract great applicants, we seek to keep tuition low, while retaining excellent teaching faculty.  This is why your support is so vital!

What is the difference between a gift and a pledge?
Your support of the 3L Class gift program can be made in one of two ways: 
1. Outright gift—A onetime gift made prior to graduation.

2. Pledge—Pledges are multi-year commitments are over the next three years.

  • Pledges encourage annual support of William & Mary Law School and cultivate a habit of giving.
  • By making a pledge and making annual payments, you will not be solicited for any further gifts over the next three years.
  • Pledges and gifts count toward your class participation goal.
Are gifts and pledges tax-deductible?

When you give a cash gift to the Law School, it is deductible in that year.

Do employers match gifts and pledges? If so, how can I approach mine?

Some companies and firms encourage their employees to make charitable contributions by matching their philanthropic support. Matching gifts can double, or even triple, your impact on the Law School.  Contact the Office of Development & Alumni Affairs to find out if your company has a matching gift policy.

How can I make a gift or pledge? And how long do I have to make a gift or pledge?

For your gift or pledge to count for your class participation goal, it must be submitted before graduation. You can make your gift or pledge today!  GIFT or PLEDGE    

What is the Dean's Council level of Giving?

The Dean's Council is the Law School's leadership giving group.  Those who have been out for ten years or more join the Dean's Council with a gift of $2,500 or more.  Members receive a pewter cup as well as invitations to the annual fall Dean’s Council Dinner and the annual spring Dean’s Council Reception during Alumni Weekend. 

Recent Law Graduates are invited to join the Young Dean's Council at a reduced gift level. (see below)  Any 3L making an annual gift or pledge of $1,000  will be invited to this year's Dean's Council Reception in April! 

Reserved for Law Alumni who completed their degrees in the past decade:

Dean's Council
Giving Levels      Years Since Graduation
$1,000      Alumni 1 - 4 years since graduation     
$1,500      Alumni 5 - 7 years since graduation     
$2,000      Alumni 8 - 9 years since graduation     
$2,500       Alumni 10+ years since graduation