Carrel Usage & Collection Policy

Carrels are provided as study space for all students.  Reserving a carrel collection does not reserve a seat at a carrel, merely shelf space to store library materials and books. Chairs and desk space at reserved carrels which are unoccupied are open for all students and public patrons to use.

A carrel collection for storing books and research materials may be reserved by 2L and 3L students on a semester-by-semester basis. Carrel collections are intended to support journal staff members writing a student note, faculty research assistants, teaching assistants for Legal Practice or the Academic Success Program, Moot Court and National Trial Team members, and students taking a class with a research paper that meets the law school writing requirements. Carrels may be shared by two students.

To reserve a carrel collection, please sign up at the Circulation Desk.

Items in a Carrel


CAN be kept in a carrel CANNOT be kept in a carrel
Law library books Reserve items
Bound journals Federal or State codes
Interlibrary loan books Indexes
Swem library books Current journals
Personal books Looseleaf or serial services
Reference collection items


Carrel Rules
  • All carrel items must be kept on the top shelf of the carrel. Desk space must be kept clear for use by other patrons.   
  • All books in a carrel collection must have a current pink, green, or yellow carrel slip. Law library books should be checked out at the Circulation Desk, and require a pink carrel slip with a due date displayed. Swem library books, and personal items such as text books require a green carrel slip. Books borrowed via Interlibrary Loan display a yellow slip.
  • Law library books are checked out to the carrel for 30 days. Items must remain in the carrel and be available for other students and patrons to use. Carrel slips (not books) must be brought back to the Circulation Desk and renewed before the 30 day limit expires.
  • Two plastic Princeton files are provided in each carrel for storing papers. Students must keep all papers in files or notebooks. Loose papers and piles will be discarded.
  • Personal items such as photos, clippings, cups, mugs, sweaters or jackets should not be left in carrels unattended or overnight, or they will be removed by staff.
  • Carrel space must be renewed at the end of each semester, or the carrel will be cleared of all materials.
  • Once each week, the Circulation staff check the carrels for neatness and overdue items. Unrenewed carrel slips, loose papers, and personal items will be removed, checked in, re-shelved, or disposed of.