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Need Information on Legal Careers? Our Online Career Guides Can Help

resume_clipartPaul Hellyer, Reference Librarian

Let’s say you have an interview next week with a law firm that specializes in election law. You’ve learned a little about this practice area from people you’ve talked to, but you’d also like to do some background reading to help you prepare for your interview. Where to turn? Try one of the law library’s online career guides.

We have twenty career guides covering a broad range of practice areas, including criminal law, family law, securities law, and sports & entertainment law.  Use them for interview preperation or to explore different career options.

The career guides list books, articles, directories, websites and other resources that offer information for job seekers, practice tips, news about the job market, or descriptions of what it’s like to practice in a certain area. For sources available online, we’ve provided links to take you directly to the full-text source. Other sources are available in print at the law library or in the career services office.

What if you’re not ready to focus on a particular practice area yet, but just want general information about job hunting and legal careers? Try browsing our large collection of books on legal careers under the call numbers KF297 through KF299.

And remember that all these reading materials are in addition to the services offered by our Office of Career Services.