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Political TV Nirvana: The C-SPAN Archive

Devoted followers of the ongoings in the U.S. Congress now have a new way to satisfy their craving.

C-SPAN Video ArchiveC-SPAN, the TV network that covers the actions of all three branches of the federal government, recently announced that it has created a searchable online archive of all its video programming dating back to 1987. Want to watch a committee hearing from 1991? Now you can. White House press conferences? Opposition responses? One of those fun floor sessions where approximately three Representatives are speaking to an otherwise-empty floor? You got it. If you'd prefer a foreign flavour, you can even watch videos of the Prime Minister's Question Time in the UK Parliament.

On top of that, the archive includes C-SPAN's original programs like "America and the Courts" and "Book TV". This site figures to be manna for political commentators or someone trying to write a law review article who'd love to know exactly what was said in that hearing in 2005. The website is at http://www.c-spanvideo.org/videoLibrary/.

-- Fred Dingledy