William & Mary

Law School History in Scholarship Repository


Lauren Seney, Access/Technical Services Librarian

Curious what it was like to be a law student 20 or 30 years ago? Wondering what the classes were like, who was teaching them, or what kind of articles were in the law reviews? The answers to these questions can be found in the W&M Law School Scholarship Repository. The mission of the repository is to provide access to and preserve the intellectual output of the Law School community. In July 2010 work began by creating traditional collections, such as faculty publications and law reviews, and populating them with our scholarship. The large majority of this content was incorporated into the repository by the end of 2010 and these collections are updated on a continual basis.

In the past year and a half the collections have expanded into the school's archives and now include publications such as the Law School Catalog from 1967-1985, the Annual Report from 1987 to the present, the Admissions Brochure for the incoming class of 1978 to the present, and most recently a Video Archive of law school lectures and events. These collections continue to expand so they will offer the full perspective of law students of the past. Check out all of the archival collections in the repository for a look back at times gone by.