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W&M Law's Scholarship Repository Takes Off!

Thousands of articles from our professors and journals are just the beginning.

Some of the journals captured in the RepositoryThis summer the Law Library rolled out the W&M Law School Scholarship Repository as an open access venue to promote our community's intellectual output.  To date, we have added the majority of W&M's law journal articles -- from all existing journals and even a few defunct ones! -- and many of our faculty members’ publications.  We predict that these collections will be nearly 100% complete by the beginning of the spring semester. 

As we finish this aspect of the Repository, we’ll expand it to include a greater variety of items including videos, slides, and transcripts from lectures and other events.  Watch for the development of a collection of the law school’s history, including the annual reports, student newspapers, and facebooks.

Check out the Repository!

--Lauren Seney