Alternative Legal Careers

By Michael Umberger
Updated November 2019 

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Liz Brown, Life After Law: Finding Work You Love With the J.D. You Have (2013).
Author's Description 
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Brannon P. Denning, Becoming a Law Professor: A Candidate's Guide (2010).
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R.L. Hermann, Law Teaching and Training: Law Schools and Way Beyond (2017).
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Amy Impellizzeri, Lawyer Interrupted: Successfully Transitioning from the Practice of Law -- And Back Again (2015).
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Monica Parker, The Unhappy Lawyer: A Roadmap to Finding Meaningful Work Outside of the Law (2008).
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Larry Richard, The New What Can You Do With a Law Degree: A Lawyer's Guide to Career Satisfaction Inside, Outside & Around the Law (6th ed. 2012).
This updated edition of a classic book focuses on the fit between your career identity and your job. It includes a compendium of over 800 ways to use your law degree.
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Deborah Schneider & Gary Belsky, Should You Really Be a Lawyer: The Guide to Smart Career Choices Before, During, and After Law School (2010).
This book will help you decide whether to enter--or remain--in law.

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Yale Law School Career Development Office, Lawyers in Business (PDF).
A detailed guide to business careers for lawyers.


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The National Association for Law Placement (NALP), Alternative Career Handouts:

Photo Credit: duncan, under CC BY-NC