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November 2022
Updated by Paul Hellyer

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Access to Subscription Databases
Some resources on this page are subscription databases that require a W&M ID and password for off-campus access. 
Lexis, Westlaw and Loislaw require individual IDs and passwords for both off-campus and on-campus access.
Introductory Sources

(Selected sources providing a quick overview)

Global Internet Law in a Nutshell (5th ed. 2021)  West Academic

Mass Communication Law in a Nutshell (8th ed. 2020)
KF2750 .Z9 L8 2020 (RESERVE)  West Academic

Social Media Law in a Nutshell (2nd ed. 2022)  West Academic

Library Materials

Library Catalog
To search for books, journals, and audiovisual materials held by William & Mary libraries, use the online catalog.

Search Tips:

  • Subject Queries:
    • computer networks law and legislation
    • internet law and legislation
    • mass media law and legislation
    • social media law and legislation
    • telecommunication law and legislation
    • telecommunication policy
  • Remember that individual jurisdictions can be searched, e.g. "telecommunication law" AND Virginia

To search for materials from other libraries, use the Worldcat database.

Shelf Browsing
To browse the library's shelves for books on telecommunications law, look in or around call numbers KF2761-2849.

Primary Sources

(Selected sources only)

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) (Title 47 covers telecommunications)

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Decisions

FCC Record: A Comprehensive Compilation of Decisions, Reports, Public Notices and Other Documents of the FCC (1986-present).  HeinOnline

FCC Reports 2d (1965-86).  Hein Online

FCC Reports (1934-65).  Hein Online

Other Administrative Documents

FCC website

FCC Record: A Comprehensive Compilation of Decisions, Reports, Public Notices and Other Documents of the FCC (1986-present).  HeinOnline

FCC Annual Reports.
KF2765.1 .A8 (2nd Floor) (1935-1979)

FCC Strategic Plans and Budgets.  FCC website

Pike & Fischer, Communications Regulation (looseleaf service) (not updated after 2008).
KF2810 .A6 P53 (2nd Floor)

Pike & Fischer, Radio Regulation (looseleaf service) (no longer updated; continued by Pike & Fischer, Communications Regulation).
KF2810 .A6 P52 (2nd Floor)

Case Law

Federal Communications Cases:  Westlaw


(Selected sources only)

Ian C. Ballon, E-Commerce & Internet Law (2010 & annual supp.)  Westlaw

Daniel L. Brenner et al., Cable Television and Other Nonbroadcast Video (1986 & annual supp.)
KF2844 .B74 1986 (2nd Floor)  Westlaw

George B. Delta & Jeffrey H. Matsuura, Law of the Internet (4th ed. 2017 & semiannual supp.)  Westlaw

Joseph B. Fazio, Internet Law and Practice (2002 & Semiannual Supp.)  Westlaw

Charles D. Ferris & Frank W. Lloyd, Telecommunications Regulation: Cable, Broadcasting, Satellite & the Internet (1998 & semiannual supp.)  Lexis

Clifford S. Fishman & Anne Toomey McKenna, Wiretapping and Eavesdropping (3rd ed. 2008 & annual supp.)
KF9670 .F58 2008 (2nd Floor)  Westlaw

James C. Goodale, All About Cable and Broadband (2008 & annual supp.)  Lexis

Morton I. Hamburg & Stuart Brotman, Communications Law and Practice (1995 & semiannual supp.)  Lexis

Peter W. Huber, Federal Telecommunications Law (2nd ed. 1999 & annual supp.)  Westlaw

Lee Levine, Newsgathering and the Law (5th ed. 2018 & annual supp.)
KF2750 .D54 2018 (2nd Floor)  Lexis

Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Digital Communications Law (2010 & annual supp.)  Cheetah

Michael D. Scott, Scott on Information Technology Law (3rd ed. 2007 & annual supp.)  Westlaw

Michael D. Scott, Scott on Multimedia Law (4th ed. 2019 & annual supp.)  Cheetah

Rodney A. Smolla, Rights and Liabilities in Media Content: Internet, Broadcast and Print (2nd ed. 2010 & semiannual supp.)
KF2750 .M47 2010 (2nd Floor)  Westlaw

Kent D. Stuckey & Robert L. Ellis, Internet and Online Law (1996 & annual supp.)  Lexis


Legal Source
Contains detailed indexing for over 1,200 legal journals, law reviews, yearbooks, institutes, statutes, bar association and university publications. Includes full text for over 400 journals. Coverage: 1908 - present.

Subject Queries:

  • internet
  • law in mass media
  • mass media
  • social media
  • telecommunication

Selected Periodicals on Telecommunications Law

Colorado Technology Law Journal (formerly Journal on Telecommunications and High Technology Law)  Westlaw  HeinOnline  Lexis

Communication Law and Policy  Westlaw  Lexis

Communications Lawyer  Westlaw  HeinOnline  Lexis

Communications Today  Westlaw  Lexis

Federal Communications Law Journal (continues Federal Communications Bar Journal)  Website  Westlaw  HeinOnline  Lexis

Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal  Westlaw  HeinOnline  Lexis

Infrastructure (Newsletter of the ABA Section of Public Utility, Communications, and Transportation Law)  HeinOnline

Journal of Internet Law  EBSCO

Michigan Technology Law Review  Westlaw  Lexis  HeinOnline 

Free Websites

ABA Section of Infrastructure & Regulated Industries
This ABA section covers communications, cable TV, Internet and other areas. Their website includes a newsletter and information on webinars and other events.

Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
ATIS is a U.S.-based organization that develops and promotes standards for the telecommunications industry.  Their website includes reports, periodicals, and a telecommunications glossary.

Federal Communications Bar Association
Association of attorneys, law students, and others involved in the "development, interpretation and practice of communications law and policy."

Federal Communications Commission
The FCC homepage provides links to the various divisions of the agency. From these pages, you can find full text or links to publications such as the Code of Federal Regulations, notices of proposed rulemaking, and international telecommunications agreements.

National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
NARUC is composed of state government agencies that regulate telecommunications industries and other utilities. The website contains NARUC documents and state regulatory information, including links to all 50 states' regulatory agency homepages.

NTCA: The Rural Broadband Association
NTCA is a nonprofit, national organization that represents local telecommunications cooperatives and companies in rural America on Capitol Hill, in front of the Federal Communications Commission, and in court.

National Telecommunications and Information Administration
NTIA is an agency of the Department of Commerce and is charged with advising the President on telecom policy issues.  Their website includes summaries of telecom issues pending before the government and links to government documents and congressional testimony.

USTelecom: The Broadband Association
USTelecom is a coalition of broadband service providers, manufacturers and suppliers. Their site contains issues briefs and other current policy documents, regulatory news, and technical industry information.