How to Publicize Your Upcoming Events

What follows is a list of publicity suggestions from the Law School's Communications Office for student organizations that are hosting events at the Law School or in the community. Please reserve space for your event with Ms. Gloria Todd as far in advance as possible if your event will be at the Law School. It is usually best to begin publicity at least one to two weeks in advance of your event. Staff of the Communications Office will make every effort to share your event information. However, please keep in mind that information received after 3 p.m. on a Friday may not be shared until the following Monday morning.

Start Your Publicity Effort by Adding Your Event Info to the William & Mary Events Calendar

As a first step, please add your event information to the W&M Events Calendar. You will be prompted to enter your "WMuserid" (your email address minus the "") and your password.

You will be asked to first enter some select details about your event (such as title, date, time, location ["Law School" or "Other," for example] and room number). You also will be prompted to choose from a number of checkboxes regarding Access & Features and Event Type.  You can also enter a brief and longer summary, a URL (to your event's Facebook page or Eventbrite site, if applicable), and contact information. As a last step, you will be asked to flag your event to other calendars.  ***Please include "Law School Homepage" or "Law School Events" to ensure it appears on our law sites. This is an essential step.***

If you know a guest or visitor is a graduate of the Law School or the College of William & Mary, please note that somewhere in the announcement.  It is really nice to know when our alumni are returning to campus!

Here's What the Communications Office Can Do to Help Spread the Word

Once your info is posted to the W&M Events Calendar, the Communications Office will create a myLaw event listing for you.  Staff also will post the info to the WMDigest (a listserv of W&M faculty and staff) and create an event entry on the the Law School's Facebook page. We'll also plan to tweet about your event. If you are using your own Twitter account for event publicity, please mention @WMLawSchool.

Here Are Some Additional Tools You Can Use to Help Promote Your Event


Law School organizations that have pages in TribeLink can share event information on the site. Read this handout for a "how to."

Diversity Happenings
"Diversity Happenings" is a weekly email bulletin for events and activities across the William & Mary campus.  Submit your information by 8 a.m. on Monday for that week's bulletin.

You can give a flyer to Kaye Hibbard in the main reception area and ask her to post it in the mailroom where faculty and staff have mailboxes. You also may post flyers on the bulletin boards outside the restrooms in the library and on the bulletin board in the cafe.

Student Bar Association E-Announcements
Announcements are emitted by the Student Bar Association twice a week, on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.

Virginia Gazette
This local newspaper is published twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. To share your info with them, you need to first create a CitySpark account.

Williamsburg Yorktown Daily
You can enter information about local events at by visiting their Local Events page (see the box, "Submit an Event").

Remember to Reserve Your AV

Please remember to let Whit Weidner in the courtroom know ahead of time if you need a microphone or other AV equipment for use during your event. You can reach him at (757) 221-2180 or [[w|wwweidner]].


Please let us know how we can help.  We'd also appreciate hearing from you if you have difficulty using these sites or if you learn of new ways to share event information.

Law School Communications Office
Rooms 218 & 219
Jaime Welch-Donahue, Director, [[jpwelc]]
David Morrill, Assistant Director, [[dfmor2]]