Study of Media Coverage Shows States' Indigent Defense Systems Need Reform

Professor Paul Marcus of William & Mary Law School and Mary Sue Backus '01 of the University of Oklahoma Law School recently completed a comprehensive analysis of media coverage of indigent defense issues at the behest of the National Committee on the Right to Counsel. Their findings, gathered with the help of a team of William & Mary Law students, will be formally released in early 2007 and illustrate problems that are common across the nation and which undermine the fundamental right to counsel.

Religious Rights and Freedom Among Topics for Justice O'Connor

William & Mary Chancellor and retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor visited campus in early October. During her time here, she shared her thoughts on religious rights and freedom at a panel sponsored by the Institute of Bill of Rights Law.

Law School Welcomes Class of 2009

Class hails from 39 states, DC, China and Korea and possesses compelling credentials (median undergraduate GPA of 3.64, median LSAT score of 165/93rd percentile).

Law School Hosts Awards Ceremony

Members of the Class of 2006 received honors and special recognitions at the Law School’s 4th annual awards ceremony on May 13.

Professor Paul Marcus Receives Sullivan Award

The College of William & Mary recognized Professor Paul Marcus with a 2006 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award which is given in consideration of "characteristics of heart, mind, and helpfulness to others."

Joe Waldo '78 Funds Property Rights Conference and Prize

Joe Waldo '78, a Norfolk, Va., attorney who specializes in eminent domain and property rights, has endowed an annual Law School conference to bring together members of the bench, bar and academia to explore recent developments in takings law and other areas of the law affecting property rights.

Maintain Judicial Independence O'Connor Tells Law Graduates

Lawyers and judges hold the keys of justice in their hands and judicial independence must be maintained for the country’s system of government to work, William & Mary Chancellor Sandra Day O’Connor told more than 200 graduates at the Law School.

Heslinga '06 receives National Best Advocate Award

Joshua D. Heslinga ’06 received the National Best Advocate award earlier this month at the National Appellate Advocacy Competition sponsored by the American Bar Association’s Law Student Division.

Law Professor Jayne Barnard Appointed to Securities Industry's National Adjudication Council

Jayne W. Barnard, William & Mary Cutler Professor of Law, has been appointed to the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) National Adjudication Council. The 14-member Council, which serves as the "court of appeals" in the brokerage industry's private regulatory system, meets five times per year to review cases involving discipline and reinstatement of financial professionals.

1st Lt. Laura L. Richmond '08 Awarded Meritorius Service Medal

1st Lt. Laura L. Richmond '08, who is attending law school at William & Mary under the Air Force Funded Legal Education Program, recently received the Meritorious Service Medal in recognition of her exemplary performance as tour director of the Air Force's Tops In Blue entertainment unit.

Van Alstyne Joins Scholars in Letter About Domestic Spying Program

William & Mary Law Professor William W. Van Alstyne is among 14 legal scholars and former government officials who recently signed a letter to Congress expressing concern about the National Security Agency's domestic spying program.