Policies and Procedures for Conduct Incidents

William & Mary has separate policies and procedures that govern sexual harassment and sexual assault incidents, student conduct incidents not involving sexual harassment or sexual assault, and Honor Code incidents. To report an issue or concern, see the information below.

If you're not sure where to turn, or to seek assistance for a student facing significant challenges to mental, physical, or social well-being, contact [[w|lawdeanofstudents]] or the university's Dean of Students Office.

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Procedures

Title IX prohibits sexual harassment and sexual assault occurring in connection with any academic, athletic, extracurricular, or other W&M program, regardless of the location.

The university's Office of Compliance and Equity investigates reports of sexual harassment and sexual assault on campus. Should you or a friend need help or wish to make a report, information is available on the university’s Sexual Violence website.

Student Conduct and Honor Code Procedures

William & Mary’s Student Conduct and Honor programs serve to maintain the university's community values and the behavioral expectations of the student body. The mission of Student Conduct is to promote a living and learning environment that is respectful of the rights and perspectives of others, that is safe and free from disruption, and that allows students and faculty members to pursue their educational goals.

The office fulfills its mission by providing educational programs, confronting behavior that violates our community expectations and engaging students in reflective learning in order to foster personal development, civility, and an understanding of the responsibilities attendant with living in our community.

All students at William & Mary are bound by the regulations in the Student Handbook.

To learn more about Student Conduct procedures and student rights and responsibilities, visit the university's website on the Student Code of Conduct.

To learn more about Honor Code procedures, visit the university's website on the Honor Code and Honor Councils.