Election Law Society

Election Law SocietyFounded in 2006, the Election Law Society is a multi-partisan student organization dedicated to studying the legal issues raised through the American electoral process. While talk of voter fraud and campaign finance reform keeps our attention these days, we should remember that contested elections, gerrymandering and political mudslinging are American electoral traditions going back for centuries.

We are here to help law students better understand election law issues through an open and honest dialogue about their origins and impacts.

Check out our Blog featuring articles on State and Local election law issues at www.stateofelections.com

The Election Law Society is the student division of William & Mary Law School's Election Law Program.  The Election Law Program is a joint venture of the National Center for State Courts and the Law School that seeks to provide practical assistance to state court judges in the United States who are called upon to resolve difficult election law disputes.

2018-19 Executive Officers

Matt Catron '20, Co-President

Alexis Dalton '20, Co-President

Andrew Pardue '20, Vice President of Public Relations

Caitlin Parry '20, Vice President of Alumni Relations

Drew Marvel '20, Chief Financial Officer

Nicholas D'Ambra '21, Symposium Co-Chair

Allie Smith '21, Symposium Co-Chair

Jamie Seibert '21, Speaker Series Co-Chair

Patrick Grene '21, Speaker Series Co-Chair

Trevor Bernardo '21, Voter Outreach Co-Chair

Jane Chiffriller '21, Voter Outreach Co-Chair

Kira Simon '21, Alumni Chair 

Faculty Advisor: Professor Rebecca Green 

Contact: Kesley Dolin (krdolin@email.wm.edu)

To contact any of the organization officers, please email us.  Also, visit the official Election Law Society and State of Elections blog Facebook page.