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Spring 2013
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Spring 2012
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Spring 2013

Debate on the Canadian and U.S. Criminal Justice Systems
Debate between Professor Marcus (The College of William and Mary Law School) and Professor Tanovich (University of Windsor Law), concerning "Why do Canada and the United States share common values, but have very different criminal justice systems?"

Fall 2012

Lunch & Discussion with Mr. Jeffery Trammell
On September 19th, 2012, International Law Society invited Mr. Jeffery Trammell to William and Mary Law School. We hosted a small group lunch with Mr. Trammell and invited him to give us a lecture in Room 127 after the lunch. During the lecture and discussion, Mr. Trammell gave us a overview of the development of international trade.

He said, with the economic globalization, the structure of law firms and the divisions of legal work will be different from current. Different area of international trade will need more specialists, who have further knowledge of the area. The globalization will also affect the legal development of patent and intelligent law, as we are sharing more and more intelligent materials with other countries. 

He also gave us some advices on job searching and net working. He emphasized that law students should find which area is the best for them to fill in, and legal education is important to give us a big picture, and it is necessary for real practice.
ILS Lunch Party
International Law Society gathered a group of hungry people to have a "food try-out" in a recent-opened Korean restaurant. Their food was great and we had so much food there that nobody could have space even for dinner! This time, we had 16 people who came from 6 different countries. Hopefully we will have this kind of events every month or even every week!

Welcome (Back) BBQ
The ILS hosted a BBQ party at Volleyball Court. We provided an opportunity for new and old international law students to meet with each other and other JD students. And also, burgers and hotdogs were provided! 

Spring 2012

Reves International Affairs Lecture Series

1)      Professor Thomas J. Christensen, Princeton Universit
2)      Vladislav Zubok, Temple University – McSwain-Walker lecture
3)      Professor Jeffrey Kopstein, University of Toronto – George Taylor Ross Lecture
4)      Arvind Subramanian, Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute International Economics (PIEE)

The William & Mary International Law Society/ Business Law Review / Student Intellectual Property Society Annual Symposium
Emerging Issues in International Trade:
The Interface Between Globalization, Trade and Intellectual Property

The William and Mary International Law Society/Business Law Review’s Annual Symposium examined the health of the broader international legal environment through the prism of the uniquely close economic relationship between the United States, the European Union, China and Korea. Specifically, we tried to develop a better understanding of the history and current state of the relationship between the US and China by looking into the last ten years of the US/China Litigation within the WTO. In addition, we gained a better understanding of the US economic and legal relationship with the EU, based in part on a better understanding of the legal ties among the EU and its member states and the implications that has for the EU’s external relations.

Into the Devil's Garden - The Human Rights Abuses in North Africa the U.S. Never Sees
On February 28, 2012, civil rights attorney Leah Farish discussed the current and vivid consequences of the end of Spanish Colonial Rule in Morocco and Algeria, including the manipulation of tribes, family roles and language, diversion of humanitarian aid, human trafficking and the rise of Al Qaeda.

ILS Bowing Night
ILS had a fun-filled night of bowling at AMF Lanes - $5 all you can bowl! ILS members and LLMs enjoyed snacks from the cafe and had a good time!

ILS Food From Around the World
The ILS hosted a buffet lunch prepared by our international students-- for just $5!

Q&A with Chancellor Robert Gates
ILS hosted new William & Mary Chancellor Robert Gates for a question and answer session with law students. The session was followed by a wine and cheese reception.

Chancellor Gates served as Secretary of Defense under Presidents Obama and Bush, as President of Texas A&M University, and as an Intelligence Officer in the CIA. 

Legal Aid in Cambodia Presentation
ILS members Ena Dion and Alison Rabe gave a presentation at the William & Mary's Reves Center for International Studies about the Cambodian legal system based on their experiences working for the NGO International Bridges to Justice during their 1L summers
Judge Judith Barzilay Q&A
ILS hosted Judge Judith Barzilay from the Court of International Trade.  She discussed her court's jurisdiction and how current market trends have affected international trade

ILS/VBA Intellectual Property Career Panel
ILS held a career panel and a CLE Credit course in conjunction with the Virginia Bar Association and addressed the new PROTECT IP Act being lobbied in Congress currently. Guests included attorneys from Finnegan LLP, Hunton & Williams LLP, Sands Anderson PC, Goodman Allen & Filletti PLLC, and Capital One. 

Fall 2011

Networking with Virginia Lawyers
ILS hosted a reception with Virginia Attorneys from large and small firms and Capital One at the law school. Students were able to meet with the attorneys and discuss their career paths, the current trends in the legal market and more personal matters that effect their lives as students.

Speed Dating with Professors!

ILS hosted a Meet-Your-Professors Barbecue at Professor Linda Malone's house. Students brought many interesting dishes, Professor Malone supplied a beautiful venue, her energetic presence and wonderful food for a cookout, while ILS invited professors from the school. The professors were from all areas of international law. Admiralty Law was represented by Chris Abel and David Hump, Business Law was represented by Jayne Barnard, Criminal Law was represented by Nancy Combs, Melanie Wilson and Linda Malone, and Intellectual Property Law was represented by Laura Heymann. We split up the students into small groups and the the professors rotated through the groups every 10 minutes answering the multitudes of questions ILS had prepared.

ILS/LLM Welcome Picnic
ILS/MLSA Taco Lunch/Exam Tips

Spring 2010

René Magloire, former Minister of Justice of Haiti and Special Advisor to the President and Ministry of Justice of Haiti

OCS presents: International Jobs Panel 

Lecture by Panama's Ambassador to the US

Fall 2009

Angel Tree Service Project

Taco Day Fundraiser
Students prepared tacos as a fundraiser for our 2010 scholarship.

Career Day for 1Ls
Law students shared their experiences about searching for and obtaining summer internships abroad.

Cross-Border Transactions
Lecture by Peter Belk detailing risks and rewards of cross-border transactions in emerging markets.
Waltz with Bashir
ILS members watched this "critically acclaimed animated documentary of a young man's journey to discover his lost memoreis from the 1982 Lebanon War. A group discussion followed the event.
Seoul Train 
A 50 minute documentary was shown that follows 3 groups of refugees who have escaped North Korea and are searching for freedom through the "modern day underground railroad."

LLM Thanksgiving
LLM Barbecue

Spring 2008

Food From Around the World (pictures)

LLM Presentations of Home Legal Systems (pictures)

Fall 2007

Open World (pictures)

Thanksgiving for International Students (pictures)

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