Current Leadership

The Public Service Fund board is composed of a general board and a smaller executive board. William & Mary first year law students can apply to join the general board in October of their first year. The Executive Board is elected each spring from the general board members. Executive Board members serve two year terms.

The Executive Board oversees business operations of Public Service Fund. General board members focus on fundraising and, ultimately, distributing summer stipends. PSF would be unable to fulfill its goals without the hard work and help of all of its members and volunteers!

2016-2017 Executive Board

Aneta Nikolic (3L)
Victoria Woods (2L)
Mariel Echemendia (3L)
Stephanie Cone (2L)
Jenn West (3L)
 Alyssa D’Angelo (2L)
Business Managers
Hayley Steffen (3L)
Mahlet Makonnen (2L)

Funding Chairs
Anne Wallice (3L)
Lauren Ballback (2L)

Auction Chairs
 Christie Wentworth (3L)
 Sam Forsyth (2L)

Gift Shop Managers

Sarah Edwards (3L)
Ben Williams  (2L)