Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don't really want to work in the public service sector. Why should I join?

A: We get it! Many of our best volunteers spend their summers working for Biglaw, judges, or in any number of positions that do not qualify for PSF funding. We open our events to everyone in the school, and welcome input and creative assistance from people of all backgrounds and qualifications.

Q: Is there a reason why I should volunteer at PSF events?

A: Absolutely! While not a requirement, volunteering with PSF can give you a leg up in the funding process you will hear all about later in the year. Also, volunteering during the event gives you a chance to work with some of the existing members of PSF, some of which are pretty cool.

Q: What kinds of events do you host?

A. I'm glad you asked! Our first event is the Cornhole Competition on 9/12 at 1 PM behind the Cottage. Stop by the lobby throughout the week to learn more about it or to sign up your team for the competition. Terrible puns appreciated. Our next event will be the school Halloween party, where you get a chance to dress up and hang out with your friends while eating, drinking, and dancing in the law school lobby (I know, but it's cooler than it sounds). We have other events throughout the year, so join the listserv to stay updated.

Q: What does "general board" mean?

A: This is the arm of the organization that plans all of our events! We take around 20 people per class, but if you have a great idea, there is no reason we can't take more!