Resources for Student Organizations

Law School Resources

The Student Organization Handbook
Includes information such as, for example: how to create a new organization, build your budget (and website!), request funding, plan your events, reserve space, and handle expenses.

How to Schedule an Event and Reserve a Room (form)

How to Publicize Your Upcoming Events 

List of Student Organizations, Officers, and Contact Information

PowerPoint presentations:

Student Organization Mandatory Meeting Presentation
 Student Bar Association (SBA) Funding
Technology for Student Organizations

Forms you may need:

Classroom Reservation Form
Student Lounge, Patio and Lobby Reservation Form
Student Organization Registration Form

University Resources

Student Organization Handbook
Includes information that applies to all student organizations at the university such as, for example: alcohol policy, university insignia use, and email accounts for student organizations.

University's Funding Options website
Please consult the Student Bar Association before completing any of the forms on the website

University's TiPS and Event Management Seminar Training

PowerPoint presentation:

Office of Student Leadership Development