Auditing Law Courses


Priority registration in classes always goes to the degree-seeking JD or LLM student taking the course for a grade.  If space then is available and if the professor gives permission, a degree-seeking JD or LLM student may audit the course by completing the appropriate form and following the rules stated on the form. Auditors are not to create work for the professor (ie, may not turn in assignments to be graded), are expected to attend class and have read the materials, do not take the exam, and get no credit hours for the course.  The course title will show on the auditor’s transcript.

Non-law students who wish to audit a law course may do so provided 1) it is not a required course, nor a "skills" class, nor a pass/fail course; 2) the auditor is not taking a seat from a degree-seeking student; 3) the professor gives permission.  Non-law students should contact the Law School Registrar if interested in auditing a law class.