Course Overlap Time Conflict Rule


Students may register for classes that have a time conflict (overlap) as long as the overlap is for no more than two class sessions. Law students may miss no more than two total classes of a single semester long class in order to enroll in short or week(s)-long mini class(es) or externship class. As a mandatory prerequisite, students must obtain the permission of the professor of the class that they will miss and forward to the Law School Registrar Office before registering for the overlapping courses (this is required whether a student will miss one class or two). Faculty are under no obligation to give such permission, they often have sound pedagogical grounds for refusing to permit you to miss even one class session, and they may impose an additional assignment to ensure you have grasped the material missed by your absences.  The administration will not accommodate any request to modify this policy. (Effective as of Oct.19, 2011). 

You may not register for two classes that:

  • have an ongoing conflict (for example, ten minute overlap throughout the semester).
  • are two classes scheduled at the same time, regardless whether class(es) meet in person or remotely.
  • are a combination of short- or mini- or externship classes as those classes meet very few sessions.