Conference for Excellence in Teaching Legal Research & Writing Online: FAQs

(1)  I have a conflict during some sessions. Will you record the sessions?

Yes! We’ll record all sessions other than the networking and mentoring sessions, and we will post those recordings on our conference website. It may take one or two days to upload all of the recordings.

(2)  Will there be a gala?

No. Although you may wear your finest gown or tux at any time.

(3)  Will there be food provided?

Also no. But on the other hand, no one will know whether you are wearing shoes for this conference.

(4)  Will there be opportunities to meet other people and network?

Yes! We will be providing informal networking breaks. Interested attendees will sign up to meet each other in groups of 2-3 people. We will provide some possible discussion topics for these breaks, which participants are free to ignore. We will also hold a happy hour at the end of the first day for anyone who is interested. We recognize how important it is to network and meet other people, and we will be providing dedicated time to this endeavor.

(5)  What technology will I need to attend this conference?

This conference will take place via Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar. Both require just one account with Zoom. You will need to sign-up and download Zoom in advance, which is free. You can use Zoom on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

(6)  What topics have you currently scheduled?

Current topics include:

--Remote peer editing and group work/effective use of breakout rooms

--Maintaining student focus during online class sessions

--Conducting online writing conferences

--How to conduct in-class writing exercises

--Teaching electronic legal research and giving students practical research experiences remotely

--Effectively using alternative teaching tools and resources in an online environment

--How to help students feel connected

(7)  Are there any limitations to the number of people who may attend a session?

Yes, based upon our Zoom license. Sessions conducted via Zoom Meeting only allow 300 people to attend, and session over Zoom Webinar allow up to 1000 attendees.

(8)  My dog or cat will insist on making an appearance. Can my pet get CLE credit for this?

Nope. No CLE credit is offered for these conference sessions. However, pet appearances are welcomed, and please tell your pet he’s a good boy.