First Week at the USIP

Hello Hello!

It has been one week since I began my summer internship with the US Institute of Peace.  As of now the experience has been wonderful and everyone who works here is extremely pleasant and welcoming. While I have not had the chance to attend some of the many programs they have here, I hope to remedy that once I get into the swing of things.

The bulk of my work will be for the International Network to Promote the Rule of Law ("INPROL") project. Currently for the INPROL project, I am drafting a research memorandum on the establishment, use, and success of mobile courts around the world, especially in post-conflict regions. Mobile courts serve as means of improving access to justice for poor and underprivileged communities, especially in rural or inaccessible regions.  They often utilize customized buses to transport judges, lawyers, and court staff who provide litigation and mediation services. Numerous countries have implemented such programs with varying degrees of success.

I hope by next week to have a viable manual so practitioners can be fully informed of the pros and cons of Mobilel Courts before they try to implement similar programs.

As for DC, I think next week I will start re-exploring the city I love so much to see how much it has changed since I left for law school.  The DC summer heat, however, is already in full, sultry swing.