Mumbai Attacks

As I'm sure many of you are aware of the city of Mumbai suffered three bombing attacks during rush hour traffic in the heart of its business district. The current tally is over 160 people have died. These attacks were low-grade bombs in high traffic areas so injury and panic were the goals.

I bring this up, not just because of my close ties to the country, but because earlier in the week USIP held and even called "The Quest for India-Pakistan Normalization."  In addition USIP will hosting a major event next week called "The Ticking Time Bomb: South Asia's Nuclear Build-up."  The prevalence of such events, the tradegy of such an attack on India's financial hub, and India's growing global power emphasize the importance of seeking stability and peace in the region. While I personally dislike India constantly being coupled with Pakistan in any international discussion, it is not something that can be ignored.  This is especially true when many outside militant groups and internal Indian-based groups are allegedly receiving support across the Pakistani border.

I plan to attend the event next week. I will follow-up with a post that summarizes what the experts discuss coupled with my own observations as an Indian-American with family on the subcontinent.