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Cari LaSala

Bureau of Economic Affairs at the American Embassy (London, England)


As a child, I was dead-set on being one of two things: an English lady or a government spy.  This summer, I almost get to fulfill both goals.  I’ll be working for the American Embassy in London.

Although researching for the Bureau of Economic Affairs probably won’t include a large amount of stealth and secrecy, I will be writing reports for the government.  And that is almost a spy.  My fellow interns and I will update market graphs and data daily in addition to informing our superiors about the latest economic developments.  This information will be used to compile a daily report that will be sent to D.C.  The rest of my time in the office will be spent assisting various officers with assorted projects.  More importantly, I plan to see the sights of London and, if possible, the English countryside (though not in a corset).  Hopefully, I will get to see all of the sights and sounds that inspired the books I loved growing up.  Possibly, I will hum “I Could Have Danced All Night” as I ride the Tube or a double-decker bus.