Business as Usual

So I’m pretty behind on posting, and I was warned about how easily it is to fall behind and I told myself that I wouldn’t. I’ll try and make up for it these last few weeks. There should be a lot to update on as I’m trying to wrap up all my projects before I head back to the states.

I’ve been plugging away at my projects. Cafes with free wi-fi have become my new favorite place to be on days we’re not in the office. The weather has been decently warm so I’ve even been able to sit on some outdoor patios while getting work done. Not a bad deal if I do say so myself. The weather was dress weather today, too bad I checked the internet instead of global warming before I packed, because I didn’t bring any. I spoke with a woman in Bolivia who is doing a dissertation on ADR from an anthropological perspective, looking at the societal impacts of ADR in Bolivian communities. She really helped me get a feeling for how ADR functions in Bolivia. There is only so much reality that you can get from the internet. Another valuable lesson for international law. You can only google so much. Nothing beats actually going to, and living in the community you’re working with.

Traveling and other more extracurricular things have been put on hold for a while since I’ve come down with some kind of chest/head/body sickness that I’m resting up to try and shake off for my last few weeks of work.  Hopefully more rapid updates soon! Now it’s back to my pattern of napping and working from the couch that has been my last few days.