Preparing for Argentina!

The day has arrived! Argentina here I come. I'll be boarding my flight at around 10PM tonight, but only a few more hours until I start making my way to the Dulles airport. Not surprisingly, I'm still not fully pack, but I figure that's what the next few hours are for. This week at home with family has been perfect. Just enough time in the country to fully relax and now I couldn't be more ready to head to Argentina!!!

My internship is with the Center for Human Rights and Envrionment (CEDHA) in Cordoba, Argentina. The projects that I'll be working on will be mostly related to business sustainability and corporate responsibility. Some of the international "soft" law that I'll be working on has to do with guidelines for international businesses created by the OECD. They're looking to update the current standards and CEDHA is one of the organizations developing reccomendations and revisions. You can check out more info about the guidelines on the OECD website.

I'm really excited to be working on issues with businesses and corporate responsibility. I studied business and entrepreneurship in my undergrad, and I'm convinced there is a place where business, law, and socially responsible work all come together. My work at CEDHA this summer will be my first opportunity to work in an environment where these three things intertwine. I'm hoping that it will bring some more clarity and direction to what kind of work I'd like to do moving forward. I'm excited to get as much as I can out of my internship with CEDHA, and the hope is that I can give them as much in return.

I'll post again soon, but for now I need to finish packing and prepare myself to watch as many Spanish dubbed movies on my plane ride as possible. Hasta luego!