Ready for Beijing

In five more weeks I will be eating to my heart's content in Beijing. This will be my second trip. I'm so excited to get the chance to go back. Of all the cities I've ever been to, Beijing is without a doubt my favorite. I'll be leaving at the end of May to begin my internship with Zhicheng Public Interest Group, a nonprofit legal advocacy and reform center for children and mirgrant workers' rights. As far as preparation goes, I'm probably more ready for my internship than for exams. I have the plane ticket (if you ever decide to fly to China, book through an agent to get a mildly reasonable price) and an idea of where I'm living. Luckily, my friend and roommate from Law school, Xiaocen, has family in Beijing who are amazing and found me an apartment in Fengtai near my office building. The only remaining challenge: doing legal research in Chinese. I'll keep you posted.