Last Day in Argentina

I leave for the States about 24 hours from now and will arrive home about 48 hours from now.   I still haven’t fully processed my feelings about work and my time in Argentina, but at least on some level, I don’t have to.  I will miss the CEDHA staff and the other interns greatly, but I’m so grateful that we got to share this experience together.  I had a conversation with one of the CEDHA staffers about how different our experience in Córdoba was from some past interns.  Though our tightly-knit intern group didn’t spend as much time with the staff as some of the past interns may have, I wouldn’t change my experience here for the world.  

Why do I say that I don’t have to process my thoughts about work yet?  Because work isn’t over.  I’m finishing up a reflection paper about the changes to the IFC, World Bank and Inter-American Bank’s Access to Information Policies over time.  This, and possibly a couple more short papers, will factor into CEDHA’s participation at the World Bank’s Annual Meeting this September.  Additionally, since the meeting takes place in Washington D.C., we’re attempting to get everything set so that I can attend alongside our Executive Director and Project Manager.  I’m immensely excited about the chance to attend the World Bank’s Annual Meeting and extremely grateful to CEDHA, their staff and William & Mary Law for affording me this wonderful opportunity!