Being a Record of my Magnificent Triumph over the eLearning Software

Victory at last!

I have, after several weeks and with superhuman patience, conquered the eLearning recording software.  An hour ago, I uploaded part 1 and 2 of the eLearning course, Theory and Theme of the Case (with the respective quizzes) onto our elearning site (  I assume that you all will want to go immediately to the site to experience the thrill of learning and enjoy my melodious voice dictating the lesson to you.  As you will see, I followed a general theme of our color and logo (blue with a scale) at the top and in the background of all the slides to tie them together.  But then each different topic has its own color scheme to help memorization through color association.  At least that's my theory.  I've listened to the thing so many times that I can recite it back to you and tell you what the slide looks like from memory.  Do enjoy the special effects though - that took an unnaturally long time to get the publishing software to upload properly.

me at work

Me and Mirjam (who is a German intern) at work

I celebrated my victory with a trip to the giant grocery store where they actually sell soda products other than Coke.  In general, Swiss people don't seem to appreciate Dr. Pepper.  (Though I really should limit my sugar intake...considering the constant presence of chocolate in the office).  I celebrated yet another victory later that day when, upon visiting a local restaurant for lunch, I ordered in French and received exactly what I had wanted.  This is more difficult than it seems when what you want is not specifically on the menu and/or altered in some way.  It was a very successful day all around.

UN and chair

United Nations building with flag path and Chair monument for landmine victims

We're having a leaving party for one of the long term workers at the office.  I actually babysat for his cute, French-speaking four year old son and sweet, nine month old daughter a couple weeks ago.  It will be nice to hang out with everyone outside the office, too.  I have gone out to eat lunch by the lake or just to chill in the evenings with the other interns, but we haven't had a work gathering with everyone yet.

Me winning giant chess

Me winning Giant Chess in the Park

I was exhausted this past weekend and so decided to sleep in and save my money by staying in Geneva.  My old college suite mate, Lindsay, came to Geneva for a visit on her way to the Alps.  I haven't seen her in two years - since graduation - so it was nice to get to show her around Geneva.  We went to the park with the giant chess where, due to her lack of willingness to participate, I played myself at giant chess and won.  (It was a very close game.)  I took her around the old, historic part of Geneva and then to my favorite gelato place.  They have unusual flavors like curry, Aloha, and Pineapple with Basil.  Such was our fervor for sugar that we waited in line for probably a half hour just for gelato: I got chocolate and vanilla - which, dull as it seems, was amazing.

On Sunday, I visited the botanical garden right outside the UN.  It was a beautiful day and the gardens were shaded by a multitude of different types of trees.  A gravel path wound between cute little flower patches and creeks and a little petting zoo.  The flowers that don't thrive in Geneva's weather were in glass greenhouses.  I wandered through greenhouses set to a South American climate, an African Rainforest climate, and, I think, an East Asian climate.  They had a bunch of plants that I'd never seen before and odd shaped plants that looked like they were from the movie Avatar.  I might go back later later, just to sit in the grass and read or to visit the peacock.