Off to Geneva!

Only one more month until I leave for Geneva, Switzerland!  I am going to work for International Bridges to Justice.  I got this job through the great Professor Warren and the career center back in February.  I talked to a previous intern and to one of the directors of IBJ and it sounds like the experience will be amazing.  I'm really excited!  I've never been to mainland Europe nor to a country whose main language isn't English.  I've been working on my French and Italian, but I pity the person who has to figure out what I'm trying to say in my dreadful accent.  I have always wanted to travel and pursue international law so going to Switzerland is perfect because I'll get to visit the UN and be strategically placed to visit other countries.  I am looking forward to doing real work that makes a difference.  Learning about the law is alright but actually using it in real life situations will be really fulfilling.