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Ajinur Setiwaldi

Center for Legal Aid and Regional Development (Pristina, Kosovo)


Ajinur Setiwaldi, a 1L, is at William and Mary Law to pursue a career in human rights and international law. She was born in occupied Eastern Turkistan and is interested in monitoring and improving human right conditions in oppressed regions, including Eastern Turkistan and Tibet. Ajinur studied political science and journalism at the University of Oklahoma. She studied human rights issues and international law in Turkey for a semester as an undergraduate. In addition to English, she speaks Uyghur, Turkish, and some Arabic.

Ajinur will work with the Center for Legal Aid and Regional Development (CLARD), an NGO in Pristina, Kosovo dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights. CLARD provides legal and social assistance to internally displaced persons, refugees, minorities and other vulnerable groups. Committed to the development of Kosovo’s legal system, CLARD also organizes public campaigns to raise awareness of legal and social issues.