Operation 3:33

Three continents in 33 hours.  After spending the day in D.C. before departing the United States, I was off to London.  I enjoy nothing more than getting lost in a new city. The journey to Johannesburg, South Africa lasted about 33 hours, which included a 15-hour layover in London. Seeing as I had never been to London, I took full advantage to explore the city.  During my layover, I was able to visit Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Big Ben, and the Westminster Abbey Church.  I also managed to find my way onto a cruise tour through the middle of the city. And just before making my way back to the airport to catch my connecting flight to Johannesburg, I attended a Barclay’s Premiere League football match between Chelsea F.C. and Sunderland A.F.C.  

Chelsea F.C., my favorite team of all time, actually won the league this season, and was presented with the trophy, as it was the last home game of the season.  The celebration was like no other.  The atmosphere was simply incredible, and it was certainly an experience I will never forget.  Not to mention, we won 3-1! 

As you could imagine, after such an eventful day, I was like a zombie.  I wanted nothing more than to feel the comfort of my bed.  Instead, I found comfort in my economy class seat in row 77 of a British Airlines aircraft.  That flight lasted nearly 11 hours, and I was awake for just 2 of them. But just like that, I made it to the third and final continent of my 33-hour journey.  

I was met at the airport by Dr. Majorie Jobson, the head of the organization that I will be working with for the rest of this summer. The Khulumani Support Group is a membership-based organization of approximately 104,000 victims and survivors of Apartheid-related human rights violations. As of right now, all I know is that I will be working on two major cases that will be argued before the High Court of South Africa.  I can already tell that the work I will be doing here is going to be life changing. I cannot wait to get started.