Week 8: Sunny Skies and a Return to my Research

As things have quieted down at CEELI this past week, my focus has returned to my judicial lustration research and a new project I am working on for Chris, CEELI's Executive Director.

Chris is working on creating a manual for judges throughout central and eastern Europe that focuses on the best practices and tools for handling terrorism trials. As terrorism threats and acts become more prevalent throughout the region, there is a growing need for information and skills on trying terrorists in court. I have been working on finding codes, rules, and procedures in international and national criminal codes that illustrate the practices Chris has outlined in the manual. This consists mostly of scouring through documents such as the United States Institute of Peace's model criminal procedure code, documents produced by the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice, and the European Convention on Human Rights for illustrative statements and procedural norms. This has been a fascinating introduction to the complexities of international criminal law, a field I hope to study further while I'm at William & Mary.

Outside of work, the weather in Prague has been fantastic and I've been trying to take advantage of it as much as I can! Exploring the city by foot has made up most of my afternoons this past week, and I'm loving it! Sunshine and European cities is the best combo in the world.

This is the area right outside of my apartment building!

The Church of St. Ludmila, located in Námesti Míru, the center of the Vinohrady district.

~Coffee Spotlight~

Café Jedna http://cafejedna.cz/

This past week I decided to branch out from the Vinohrady district and try a new coffee shop in one of Prague's lesser known districts, Holešovice. Cafe Jedna is located in the bottom of an art gallery, part of Prague's National Gallery series, and is truly a beautiful space. It is very bright and welcoming and, of course, the coffee was great.