Week 9: Judicial Lustration and Lots of New Food

This last week has been spent largely on my judicial lustration report. The report, which is now a finished working document, is divided into three parts: definition and goals of lustration, best practices and critiques of lustration, and a series of five case studies of countries that have partaken in judicial lustration. These countries are the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was nice to be able to study a wide array of European countries and see the differences in their histories and legal systems. I hope that CEELI will publish and use my report in its upcoming programs! It has been an honor to contribute to the field of rule of law and promoting democracy.

This week I was also able to grab lunch with my boss Chris, to hear about his experience in the legal community and get advice about my future. Chris has had (and continues to have!) an incredible career, spending over 30 years in five different offices in the Department of Justice before starting with CEELI. It's been great to hear about both government and non-profit NGO work. I've definitely been given a lot to think about as I start my search for my 2L summer position!

Outside of work, I've been trying a lot of new foods and restaurants around Prague. Two of my favorites have been Indonesian food, at a restaurant called Javanka, and Georgian food, at a restaurant called Polévkárna Manana. They were both so delicious and very different from any food I've tried before - I hope to find restaurants in the US that serve these delicacies!

~Coffee Spotlight~

Globe Bookstore and Café http://globebookstore.cz/

Globe is an English language bookstore and coffee shop located in Nove Mesto (New Town). It is a wonderful place for expats in Prague! They serve a mix of Czech and English/American cuisine and coffee and is always packed with English-speaking tourists and others living in Prague. While I've definitely enjoyed experiencing cafes and places that are truly Czech, it is also nice to have a place that feels a little bit like home!