Week 11: That's All, Folks!


I had my final week of work this week. It was very hard to say goodbye! I have loved both the work and getting to know my coworkers over the course of the summer. It is very bittersweet, but I am so excited to be back at William & Mary for my 2L year!

Since it was my last week, things were a bit slow work-wise. I finished up a bit of research, but my primary task was to compile a report on all of my summer activities for CLARD. It was great to be able to look back on all of my experiences and work over the last weeks. From conferences, to meetings, to travel, to research, it has truly been an action-packed summer! My legal skills have grown immensely, as has my confidence in myself as a fledgling lawyer. One of my favorite experiences was definitely the Balkan Regional Rule of Law Steering Committee meeting in Skopje. Not only did I get to travel to a new country, but I got to be a contributing member of the launch of an independent network of legal professionals that will hopefully deliver very good things to the Balkans for years to come!

On my last day, my boss and my coworkers very kindly presented me with a certificate of completion for my internship. I hope to remain in contact with the wonderful people I have met at CLARD, and plan to keep watch for news of their upcoming projects!

Me and CoworkerCertificate

Last week, I discovered a tourist activity that I shockingly hadn't done yet in Pristina; take the elevator to the top of the clocktower belonging to the new cathedral downtown. This was the same tower that Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright released lanterns from on the anniversary of the NATO mission. It was only a one Euro fee, and the elevator very slowly took us up many (many) flights to easily the best view of Pristina I have ever seen! Unfortunately, I made it just before it closed so I only had a view minutes to soak in the views at the top. 

Me on ClocktowerTop of Clocktower]

I am leaving in a few days, so this week I will be packing and saying goodbye to all of my favorite Kosovo restaurants and activities! I am looking forward to being home soon!

Thank you for reading my block in sharing this incredible summer experience with me! Kosovo and the Balkans will always have a special place in my heart, and if you ever find yourself in the region I highly recommend a visit (for the peppers and cream and the macchiatos if nothing else! Mirupafshim!