Up Next

The summer’s end is quickly approaching, and this will be my last post. I thought I would use this post to speak briefly to future voices from the field. If that is you, congratulations! The international internships are a phenomenal opportunity to see how your legal skills and strengths can positively contribute to the world. 

My experience was unique as a fully remote internship, but it was insightful nonetheless. Even remote, I felt very capable of translating my knowledge in law to an unfamiliar field. I believe the two most rewarding experiences during my internship was, first, connecting with people and learning about their career paths; and second, producing meaningful deliverables for the organization or for future interns to utilize. 

First, I would recommend connecting with as many people in the organization as you can. Talking with others can provide a greater lens on the possibilities for a law career. It may also lead to deeper connections, such as a mentorship or a continuing relationship with that organization. 

Second, creating valuable products leaves a “legacy” of sorts. I felt proud of the work I did at ABA ROLI this summer. My manager shared that my work was helpful in making considerable headway on a project to which they otherwise would not have had the time to dedicate. Having a concrete “something” to point to when speaking to future employers (or, even, the organization) is a secondary benefit. More importantly, I think, is returning to your 2L year with the feeling of accomplishment and competency. You know you have contributed to a broader purpose and can point to your work as supporting evidence.

In the end, I hope the next round of interns embarking on an international internship have the chance to actually embark from their homes and come away feeling as proud of their summer as I have. 

Up next, 2L year!